ENERCUP foundation

Enercup was established in August 2013; a foundation with an official management.

Bianca Sieberichs has brought the (children’s) Fitness, Bodybuilding and dance back to the North of the Netherlands. The last competition before Enercup held in the North was back in 2005.

Bianca Sieberichs has been active in lady’s bodybuilding class and became the Dutch champion recently. Bianca thought it was time a competition would come back to the north again. So, she made that happen. After years of just thinking about it, she got an opportunity to make it happen. Beside from her regular job, she started the preparations for the competition. Her partner competed at the first Enercup in 2013, after that she helped building up the foundation. Enercup became a foundation with an official management in 2013. Enercup was supposed to return every year… And so it did… It has become a beautiful competition focused on the athlete and grew out to be one of the biggest of the Netherlands.

On September 28th 2013 the first Enercup took place. It was a great success. It was a new competition for beginning athletes under auspices of NBBF/IFBB. Bianca Sieberichs and her team presented, with great, ‘ENERCUP 2013’.

A successful competition with enthusiastic athletes and guests. A beautiful grant opening with a laser show, fire flames and our athletes presenting themselves by coming down big stairs together. With a smile and nerves on their faces, they paraded proudly through the crowd and opened Enercup 2013. The demos of children’s fitness were first presented on Enercup 2013, it’s a relatively new class, but already a great success internationally. We haven’t been able to present this class because of the big number of athletes signing up every year.

Each and every one working for the foundation has a hart for the sport and the athletes. They will always do whatever’s necessary for the athletes. They are all experienced as athletes themselves. Some of them are still competition-active, others help athletes with coaching and competition preparations.

The organisation of Enercup is hoping to see you again in 2017.

Organizers Enercup


Bianca (Bibi) Sieberichs

Treasurer & secretary

Christa Sieberichs

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