Competition location

The Tamboer in Hoogeveen



Theatre and congress building The Tamboer

Adres:                         Hoofdstraat 17, 7902 EA Hoogeveen

Provence:                   Drenthe Phone nr:                    0528 280 180 


The weighing will take place on the Saturday  (day before the competition) between 14.00 and 18.00.

Location:                     Theatre The Tamboer (COMPETITION LOCATION)

Hall:                             Notenkrakerzaal

Other information:    Read more@ submenu Weighing & Registration 

Parking & Route


Hoogeveen is centrally in the Northeast Netherlands at the intersection off the A28 and the A37. The Tamboer is easily reachable. At the back of the theatre is a big parking space. Close to the entrance of the theatre there are three disabled parking spaces.

Visiting- and correspondance address:

Hoofdstraat 17
7902 EA Hoogeveen


“Markt” Markt 5 7902 BK Hoogeveen (Walking distance 200 meters) Paid parking Monday till Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00, Friday: 09.00 – 21.00. Sunday: free

“Prins Mauritsplein” 7902 AE / 7902 AG Hoogeveen (Walking distance 450 meters) Free parking, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Loading and unloading (technical crews) and public parking places: back of the building: “Markt”.

From Emmen (A37): Exit nr. 1 “Hoogeveen Oost”. Turn left at the traffic lights. Street: Mr. Cramerweg. Turn right at the roundabout. Street: Melkweg. Follow the road on: De Vos van Steenwijklaan – Grote Kerkstraat. Go right after the Grote Kerk (left side). Street: Schoolstraat. First street left: Markt (paid parking) or turn right on the first street after the Markt: Mauritsplein (free parking). It’s about a 5 minute walk from the Mauritsplein to the entrance of The Tamboer.

From Zwolle (A28): At knooppunt Hoogeveen in direction of Assen (A28), keep on driving till exit number 27: Fluitenberg. At the end of the exit turn right to Hoogeveen city centre. For the rest of the route see from Assen.

From Assen (A28): Exit 27: Fluitenberg, at the end of the exit turn left to Hoogeveen city centre. Turn right at the second traffic lights to the city centre. Go straight ahead after the railway crossroad, go left at the roundabout. First street to the right: Brinkstraat, then the first street left: Willemskade. To reach Markt (paid parking) turn to the right on the first street. To reach Mauritsplein (free parking) turn left on the first street.

Invalidity provision

INvalidity provision

The Tamboer is accessible for disabled people. Both theatre halls are accommodated for wheelchairs. Let us know, before ordering your tickets, that you’ll be visiting Enercup in a wheelchair, we’ll make sure that you’ll have the right spot. There are several adjusted toilets available in The Tamboer for disabled people.

There are disabled parking at the front side of the building (street name: Hoofdstraat Noord). If you would like to use one of these, get the visitors parking license form Tamboer before the competition starts (contact The Tamboer first) A deposit of €10,- will be necessary. This license is of course needed next to your regular license for disable parking.

The Tamboer is well accessible for disabled people. Each hall has two rows on the ground floor. The rest of the seats are only reachable by steps. The seats are limited, so make sure you place a reservation beforehand. Let us know before September 1st 2017 through, so we can make sure you’ll get a seat.

Public transit

Public transport

The Tamboer is excellently reachable through public transport. The building is at a 10 minute walking distance from the Central Train station of Hoogeveen. From the train station you simply follow the traffic signs that say Centrum through the street Stationsstraat. Go straight ahead at the roundabout and then the first street to the right: Brinkstraat, after the intersection you’ll reach the Hoofdstraat. After 200 meters you will find The Tamboer on your left.


The catering in The Tamboer is available during the whole competition, not just during the breaks. Multiple meals are sold here, for example nasi goreng and sandwiches with several fillings. Drinks, ice cream, snacks and candy are available as well. The drinks consist of warm drinks, soda’s, beer and wine.


The rules of conduct of Enercup are valid in the whole premises on the weekend of the competition. Everyone buying a ticket is automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions.

No refund on bought tickets.