Both the best posing and the best performance award will be judged by two experienced and dedicated athletes.

Both judges have been in Bodybuilding for years now. They are both international athletes, so we’re happy to have them as judges. They have been in the jury of Enercup for several years.

We are talking about:

Jens Bunning

jens bunning jens bunning 2

I’m 30 years old and I’ve been in bodybuilding/fitness for 13 years now. There’s not a muscle group that I dislike training. I used to like training legs the least, because they were less developed compared to the rest of my body. This was just a result of staying in my comfort zone. The extra work I’ve put into my legs, really paid off. Nowadays I do not have any problems training legs. My big example in this sport is Ulisses Jr. He’s a big inspiration to me right now. What I would like to tell all the athletes of today, is that it’s important to make a plan, so you can stick to this with or without your coach. Do not get distracted by things told to you by others. Trust your coach and give him/her a chance to guide you. Don’t go ask for advice with other people than your coach, if you have one. All roads lead to Rome and everyone has their own ways.

Competition Period Place
Flex Cup Dec-11th 5th
Julliette Bergman Cup Mar-12th 1st
Muscle & Fitness Model Search Sept-12th final placing
Muscle & Body Contest Sept-12th top 5
Open Rotterdamse championships Apr-13th 1s
Dutch championships Apr-13th 1st
Dutch championships Apr-14th top 3
Open Holland Cup May-14th top 3


Wedstrijd Periode Plaatsing
Flex Cup dec-11 5e
Julliette Bergman Cup mrt-12 1ste
Muscle & Fitness Model Search sep-12 finale plaats
Muscle & Body Contest sep-12 top 5
Open Rotterdamse Kampioenschappen apr-13 1ste
Nederlandse Kampioenschappen apr-13 1ste
Nederlandse Kampioenschappen apr-14 Top 3
 Open Holland Cup mei-14 Top 3

Raymond Simon

Raymond Simon3 Raymond Simon2

We’ve known Raymond for years. He has a gorgeous, lean physique with a perfect symmetry. He’s called a natural talent by almost everyone..

“I’m born in 1980 in Heerhugowaard. I started in 1999 with weight training, because I wanted a muscular body like the guys in the magazines. Athletes like Paul Lans and Sammie Ben Otman were an inspiration to me. I read several magazines like Sport&Fitness and Flex. I stole those from my older brother Danny, he had been lifting weights for a couple of years and had already won a couple of competitions.

I decided to do a competition myself in 2002 after seeing an advert in the Bodyfactor. I was on a diet for 3 weeks fort his competition with just white fish, green vegetables and whey isolate. My brother coached me and I won The Naturels of the YBF with a bodyweight of 60kg. This really got me started. Nowadays I’ve done 30 competitions of which I won 9 both nationally and internationally in different classes: -70kg, classic, -75kg, -80kg. I also won overall and best posing trophies. Last years I’ve also coached several athletes who became champions. For example my brother Danny in 2012, he won the overall trophy at the Holland, the first place at YBF and bronze at the World Championship. I became world champion that year. To all the athletes: don’t do too much, it’s not a marathon. More is not always more. Don’t let it become an obsession, that might break you up. Listen to your body and use common sense!”