Home and behavioural rules participants, coaches and guests

General:By paying the entrance fee (or by participating/coaching in the competition) and attending the event, you automatically agree to the home and behavioural rules:

Entering the competition location is completely at own risk of visitor or athlete.

You are considered to strictly follow all the instructions given by the organisation/crew.


Your entrance ticket/ribbon that you will receive entering the theatre will function as entrance ticket for the competition. The backstage area is only accessible for those who are authorized. They wear a visible backstage ribbon/ticket. These tickets/ribbons aren’t passable. Without this backstage ticket/ribbon access to the backstage area will be denied.


If an athlete, visitor, coach or any other person (attending the event) causes damage to the inventory or the building, this will be charged based on the legal liability. Everyone is required to report any done damage to a crewmember directly. Enercup is not responsible for any damage or injuries to participants and visitors or their goods. Theft and lost included.


The following things are forbidden at the competition location and will be confiscated: drugs, glass, tin, aerosol cans, weapons, and other dangerous items. It’s not allowed to block the in the hallways or to obstruct the security in any other way. If people do not live up to the rules of conduct entrance can be denied, without a refund of any costs. Entrance to any future events could also be denied. In case of criminal acts, the organisation will declare this to the police.


All the attendees respect each other and treat other in a way they would like to be treated themselves, unregarded sex, faith, build and performance. Unwanted intimacies and (non) verbal aggression will not be tolerated by the organisation. It is not allowed to comment hurtful or discriminating things in any way. Attendees who act aggressively or bother others in any other way and persevere in annoying or offensive behaviour can be removed from the premises by the security.


In case of any complaints, we appreciate it, if you let it know to the Enercup crew immediately so we can take care of it.

Music, photo and video equipment and media:

The complete competition will be filmed. Anyone entering the premises automatically gives permission to the organisation to use this film material for promotion purposes.

  • It is forbidden to hand out flyers during the event for other organisations or to perform any other commercial activities without permission given by the organisation of Enercup. Videocamera’s are allowed, under these conditions: you have to be able to prove that it’s your property and all the film material can only be used for personal purposes. Bringing your camera is at own risk.
  • The organisation has the right to confiscate film material when we assume it is filmed for commercial purposes or when we think the privacy of others is harmed.
  • Even when film material of one of Enercup’s events is used after the competition, we will take action against this.
  • The use of portable radios or other transmission equipment is forbidden during the competition.
  • We appreciate it if you would turn the sound of your cell phone off during the competition.

Smoking and alcohol: As a consequence of the national smoking regulations, it is not allowed to smoke in public occasions. Smoking is only allowed in the premises in the indicated areas. Alcohol will be served during the competition. Only people of 18 years or older are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Over usage of alcohol will not be tolerated. Misbehaviour or alcohol abuse will cause denial of access, security will ensure this.


Alcohol, drugs and anabolic steroids are forbidden. Both use and trade of these means are forbidden. Any suspicion will cause denial of entrance directly without a refund of any cost.

Medical problems/ medical care:

In case of medical issues, contact the organisation. The organisation will take you to a nurse, who will take over. In case of a situation that requires an acute act, all means necessary are available, including an ambulance. The costs of the use of an ambulance will be recovered on the insurance of the participant.


Toilets are available everywhere in the premises, therefor public urination won’t be tolerated. Toilets are covered in plastic foil so they won’t get covered in spray-tan. We would like to keep the bathrooms as they are.


Use of the wardrobe is mandatory, because of safety reasons. Regulations for fire safety forbids coats or jackets in the theatre. Coaches and athletes can leave there stuff in the dressing rooms. Visitors pay €1,- for the use of the wardrobe. Use is at own risk. Enercup is not responsible for lost or theft of belongings.

Lockers/dressing rooms:

Lockers are not available for participants or coaches, these are property of the theatre. Leave your belongings at home or with someone else. Enercup is not responsible for lost or theft of belongings.

Sign-up and sign-out as participant and change of personal data:

Signing up as an athlete needs to be done through the website using the sign-up form. Signing out of the competition needs to be done by e-mail: info@enercup.eu. You won’t get a refund of any costs. All the payments and purchases are at own risk, Enercup is not responsible for any costs that are made.

Athletes cannot participate if payments aren’t done in time (date can be found at the website). Signing up after the outer registration date won’t be accepted.

If there might be any changes in the data of the participant, he or she needs to report this as quick as possible through e-mail:  info@enercup.eu

Snacks & drinks:

Food and drinks are available in the theatre. These can be consumed inside. Use the garbage cans where they are meant for. The theatre must be kept clean. This is both the responsibility of the attendee as of the organisation. Beverages can be confiscated if an attendee refuses to clean up their garbage. These beverages can be picked up after the competition. Perishable items will be thrown away after confiscation. Catering will be available at all times during the competition.


Enercup maintains the right to change any rules if necessary.

Everyone (visitors and athletes) agree with these home and behavioural rules automatically by attending the event.