Sponsors 2017

If you would like to become a sponsor or a standholder at the Enercup, send an e-mail to info@enercup.eu

Body & Fashion

Fahrenheitstraat 594 2561 DK Den Haag 070 329 0548 info@bodyandfashion.nl

Body & Fashion Den Haag is your specialist in clothing and supplements for weight training or martial arts. In our shop at the Fahrenheitstraat you’ll find our big assortment. Or you could find everything you need in our webshop.

We have clothing brands like Gasp, Better Bodies, Gorilla Wear and Brachial in many different colours and sizes in stock. We offer the newest collections directly after introduction.

Think about cooling bags from Pack Fitness or the unique shoes from Otomix.

Marjolein Schilperoort will be present at the Enercup with a properly loaded stand. Of course, a part of our team of athletes will also be present.

Our current team exists of Johnny Stuhldreier, Django Sjak-Shie, Dora Ebner, Djanilla Boekwechi and of course Floor van Putten.

Body & Fashion offers all the necessities in stock for you to go on stage well prepared. Tanning of various brands, bikinis, posing slips, etc.

Follow the Facebook page of Body & Fashion in the run-up to Enercup for nice offers.

See you @ Enercup 2017!

Marjolein Schilperoort

XXL Nutrition

XXL Nutrition is the fastest growing supplement store of Europe, with the service of a physical store but with the prices of a webshop. XXL Nutrition offers, besides a very large assortment, all the benefits of safe payment, service, delivery and returns.

The XXL Nutrition brand has become well known under many athletes. XXL Nutrition is considered the first provider of supplements in the Netherlands. Nowadays we’re still the most innovative supplement brand. Where other shops try to copy us, we come up with new supplements.

XXL Nutrition guarantees the highest quality of supplements, great service and good prices We only use the best materials to produce our products. Besides from the XXL brand, we provide a big and growing assortment of other brands. Products of these brands will only get in our shop after a strict selection.

Why you should buy at XXL Nutrition:

  • You don’t have to pay delivery costs if you buy for more than € 20,
  • You can pick your own goodies with your order,
  • You’ll get a proper discount with our discount system,
  • The XXL Nutrition brand has an unmatched value for your money,
  • You just want the best supplements without having to worry about the quality,
  • Most articles will be delivered within a day,
  • We’ve made a strict selection for you and only provide the best supplements of various brands,
  • We guarantee the best prices,
  • XXL Nutrition is certified with the Qshops-quality mark to insure your safety and certainty.

René van der Zel Owner XXL Nutrition

Van Alphen AV

Watch yourself on your own Enercup DVD of the competition and see how others performed!

Van Alphen AV has filmed the competition the previous years as well. In 2014 the film took 2,5 hours because there were so many participants to show on the DVD!

Order here:

Robert van Alphen,

Van Alphen AV




Hi there,

I am DJ Megagirl from the Netherlands and I have been a DJ since 2003.

I have played at many events and clubs through the Netherlands and played sometimes in Belgium and once in Greece.

My styles are Latin house, house and EDM, but I also like to play techno/progressive house.

I play uplifting, floor filling, happy and sometimes a bit tough. Oft @ prime time.

DJ Megagirl does a lot of things in the music, like performing, but I am also an organisator of events/ partyplanner and started producing my own tracks I hope to release soon.

I am ready to perform in clubs and @ events outside the Netherlands. So, save and serious inquiries are welcome

DJ promo movie


Our company will be present at the Enercup 2017 to give all the athletes a nice spray-tan.

We’ll be using the best competition tanning Jan Tana. The darkest, most brown colour existing in the world of bodybuilding.

The by origin Australian company Vani-T is a multinational company that’s growing enormously. Vani-T’s products are available in more than 15.000 salons in 12 countries like the US, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, New-Zealand and the Netherlands! Our products have won several awards and are used by many celebrities, make-up artists and models from all over the world. Australian make-up artists of Vani-T have recently given a glamorous look to the nominated people for the Oscars. Vani-T has a wide range of products: Mineral cosmetics, tanning fluids and self-tanners. Vani-T Mineral Cosmetics is in the top 3 of make-up brands in Australia. The Mineral Cosmetics contain only the best natural and organic ingredients and they have a gorgeous design, a piece of jewellery for in your bag or on your make-up table.

All the Vani-T products:

  • Don’t contain mineral oils and parabens
  • Don’t contain harmful preservatives
  • Don’t contain sulphates or glycols
  • Don’t contain talc, bismuth or oxychlide
  • Don’t contain petro-chemicals like DEA and TEA
  • Don’t contain artificial dyes*
  • Aren’t tested on animals
  • Are rich of vitamins, active ingredients, excessive natural oils and pure botanic elements.

*Tanning fluids contain safe non-natural dyes, because natural dyes might leave a sticky sediment on the skin after tanning.


Peter is giving away courses again this year to ALL the winners of Enercup!

The first renewed course Nutrition with Sports is available NOW!

Good news: The newest issues of the courses came out in 2014. A new name, new lay-out and updated info from recent scientific research. There’s 20 till 25 percent of the price. Every course is now €199,- and is digitally uploaded.


GORILLA WEAR COMPANY Established in the USA in the 80’s, we have been delivering workout and lifestyle apparel “for the motivated” ever since.

HQ and warehouses At this moment our HQ and our WorldWideWarehouse (outside USA) are located in The Netherlands: Street: Twekkelerweg 263 Zip         : 7553 LZ City        : Hengelo State     : Overijssel Country: Netherlands Tel        : +31 74 3492741 Email   : info@gorillawear.com

CoC: 50069861

VAT : NL822524235B01

Our USA Fulfilment warehouse (no visitors allowed) is located in Traverse City Michigan USA. All our USA orders, B2B or B2C will be handled and ship from here.

GORILLA WEAR BRAND Since the 80’s Gorilla Wear is a legendary American worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand “for the motivated”

Every style of apparel is designed for motivated and demanding athletes everywhere in the World. It is unique, it will fit, it will not break down and it will give you the authentic and individual look your body deserves!


Gorilla Grip is a new, Dutch brand, focused on CrossFit and functional trainings apparel. The ambition of CR8Y®BX is to become an international, leading brand focused on quality, sustainability and innovation. The product development and designing takes place in the Netherlands, just like a big part of the production. In the end, it’s our goal to work on a healthier and a sportier life. Therefor our slogan: “Start training!”


Aero wear is a new Dutch origin clothing brand focused on athletic men and women. “For who you are, and what you stand for” is our slogan at Aero wear. It embraces the essence of what our brand wants to be for you.

Because at Aero wear we believe that every individual is unique and each of us have their own fitness goals that keep us going back to the gym for more. Something that isn’t simply about impressing others or looking good. Achieving these fitness goals help us with achieving goals in every other aspect of our lives. Whether it is becoming psysically and mentally stronger, creating friendships or improving once self-confidence. The motivation behind these goals define what we find important, where we come from, who we are, where we want to go and why we do the things we do day in and day out. It is “For who you are, and what you stand for”.


From own experiences and others on how hard it is to find well designed quality apparel that has a good fit for the athletic body, Michael van der Mei established Aero wear. A clothing brand inspired by you, all the hard working athletic individuals.

All clothing is designed by Michael himself, with an emphasize on the aesthetic lines of the body, a good fit, and excellent quality. All to make you look your best. After all Aero (from Aero wear) refers to Michael’s background in Aerospace engineering. An industry where only the best materials and techniques are used.

Aero wear is there as a symbol for you to give you the recognition you deserve for your hard work and to support you during your work-outs and day to day activities in reaching your goals.

Shop your Aero wear at: aero-wear.com


Cooking with Flavor King means that your food will taste good. It’s truly caressing your tongue and that without health risks!

Flavor King is:

► 100% pure and natural herbs, spices and ingredients

► No artificial dyes, additives or preservatives.

► No fillers, no sugar, no soya, no MSG and no GGO.

► Gluten free and low in salts ( FK only uses raw salt )

► Paleo friendly, suitable for vegans and special diets.

► Made of the highest quality ingredients with the perseverance of taste and aroma.



Bungalow park Westerbergen is an all-round park with a long, touristic tradition and a fully personal charm. It’s a peaceful place for everyone who wants to enjoy all the beauty that Drenthe has to offer. Westerbergen is no standard park – It’s a true family company, distinguished by excellent service, a sympathetic atmosphere with a lot of fun things to do.

You can book online with the discount code of Enercup for Westerbergen.

You’re able to book for a long weekend (Friday till Monday morning) in a six-person bungalow for   €182,45. That’s about €30,- per person for a long weekend. Tourist tax is mandatory and is € 1,40 per person per night.

The popular Dutch television program Campinglife is the organizer off the election European Top campsite of the year.

About 300 camping sites were nominated from all over Europe for this election.

Westerbergen proudly ended first place of the Netherlands and the second of Europe!

MBN staat voor Muscle Body Nutrition.


Oorsprong is Zweden en wordt gemaakt in Hongarije.
De MBN bestaat sinds 2017 en Khalid heeft het succesvol op de markt gebracht naar verschillend landen zoals Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq, Libië, Nederland, Duitsland, Zweden, Oostenrijk  en zo gaan we het uitbreiden over de hele wereld.

Bekijk onze fb pagina MBN supplement: Facebook pagina MBN

Onze groothandel is gevestigd in Almere :
Mac3 park
Bolderweg 2
1332 AT, Almere


Mailadres: big_khalid@hotmail.com
Telefoonnummer: +31 6 17494206

Wij zien jullie op de Enercup 21 oktober. Hier zullen wij met een stand staan met kleding en supplementen. Succes met de voorbereidingen!


When costumers ask us what the “more” in “Vitamins & More” stands for, we answer with “Do you have a minute?”

Since 2007 we’ve sold, indeed, vitamins and a lot more. The “more” exists mostly of what we give away for free; good advice. We’re specialists in helping you reach your goal. Lose 5 kg, gain 5 kg. Better cholesterol levels, more energy. Whatever your goal is, we’ve got the knowledge and products to help you live a healthier life. Our employees are experts. They are trained with our motto “well done is better than well said” but they have their own experience in the field of sports and health. Many of them sport on the highest levels.

If you’d like to get some appropriate advice, good prices and a wide range of products, we’d love to help you in one of our four stores or through our webshop.


  • 4 actual stores!
  • Super quality!
  • Reliable advice!
  • Guaranteed the best prices!
  • Free delivery (above €25)!



Bij Sportcentrum Body 4 All  kunt u altijd op goede, persoonlijke begeleiding rekenen. Onze trainers staan altijd voor u klaar.  Wij vinden het belangrijk dat u zich comfortabel voelt tijdens de training, maar natuurlijk ook dat u snel resultaat ziet bij het sportdoel dat u wilt behalen.

Als we denken aan sporten, denken we meteen aan bewegen, maar voeding is minstens zo belangrijk.  Onze trainers zijn ook gespecialiseerd in voeding en voedingssupplementen. Wij kunnen u – naast de fysieke training – ook helpen met een voedingsschema. Of u nu wilt afvallen, bijkomen, spiermassa aanmaken of omdat u gewoon lekker fit wilt blijven en daar hulp bij nodig heeft: dan bent u bij ons aan het goede adres!

Adres: W.A. Scholtenstraat 3, 9403 AJ ASSEN
Telefoonnummer: 0592 – 48 17 40

Maandag – Vrijdag:     8:00  –  22:00 uur
Zaterdag – Zondag:    9:00  –  15:00 uur