Internships & Job offers

Foundation Enercup is existing of volunteers. Organising a competition costs a full year. Our management works hard to present the most beautiful competition possible for athletes and guests.


De week before the competition is a busy week for the volunteers of Enercup. We need volunteers every year. If this sounds fun to you, contact us!


Which volunteers do we need?

  • Hostesses; provide the judges and guests with food and drinks
  • People for the wardrobe
  • People to build the stage
  • Security
  • People to hand out flyers
  • People for the catering for the volunteers
  • People for desktop engineering
  • Many others


It is possible to have an internship at Enercup.

If you would like to base a project on Enercup, we’re preparing Enercup all year long, so contact us if you’re interested.


For which educations?

  • Marketing
  • Event management
  • Media and Communication
  • Employee Marketing, Communication and Event organisation
  • Film academy