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Registration Enercup


You can sign up until 1 day before the competition.

Enercup is a novice (beginners) competition

When can you register?

Minimum 16 years
You have never participated in a competition or you have the level of a beginner athlete (similar to the C)
You are out of the top 3 of the AB competitions of Enercup 2017 and 2018
Everyone from Europe-> it is an OPEN competition

Qualifications NPC HOW?

First of all: NPC has no ABC competitions, but to explain it clearly we have put it back for you

–  Top 3 of a novice contest (similar to C: Enercup) continues to the regular race (comparable B level)
–   Top 5 of the regular contest continues to the NK, Benelux and Ironman & Ironmaiden (comparable A level)
– NK, Benelux, Ironman & Ironmaiden are qualifying contests for the IFBB PRO QUALIFIER like the William Bonac Classic.
– William Bonac Classic -> winning a Pro Card for the Pro Qualifier with which you can enter a Pro show and qualify for THE OLYMPIA.


Registration and weighing

The registration will take place one day before the race.

This will happen at the competition location.

If it is not possible to register / weigh on Saturday, please contact us then we can (together with you) look for a solution. It is not the intention that you can not run your race because you can not register on Saturday.



Foundation Enercup in Assen: NL19 RABO 0106 5443 81

Name and surname
Category in your class
Contest: ENERCUP NPC 2019

Until when can you sign up?

One day before the competition


Registration fee € 50, – per class
Coachticket € 30,- pay@registration, reservation by email
Second coachticket € 50,-
Athlete T-Shirt € 0,00 recieve @the registration
Spray-Tan  ticket € 50,- buy ticket: submenu tanning

Weighing and registration Saturday 5th october


ALL ATHLETES (off ALL) classes need to be at the registration!

If an athlete doesn’t show up at the registration, he/she is not allowed to compete.