A nice, even, brown colour is achievable!

Spray-Tan Nederland B.V. has, as the undisputed market leader, since 2011, trained more than 700 professional salons so far in spray tanning. This makes it the most experienced and recognized training institute of the Netherlands which is specialized in spray tanning with multiple international brands. Our network of salons is there for nationally covering, so you can always find a salon in your neighbourhood.

Especially for the Enercup we’ll be giving the athletes a perfect tan using the famous JAN TANA ULTRA!

Benefits of Pro-Tan:

  • Stays on long and dries quickly!
  • Non-marking
  • It does not drip from your body, so you can glaze over your tanning
  • Quickly sprayed on, so you will have time for other preparations
  • Costs are the same when you do your own tanning


Quickest and easiest tanning possible!

  • Simply applying the spray-tan in the morning is all you need to do for the “Winning colour”!
  • Quick and easily applicable
  • No rubbish like Dream Tan!

Tanning has never been so easy! The tanning so dark, there’s no need to tan in advance or use a primer. A pale skin will a get a deep maroon colour and a dark skin will get a beautiful mahogany colour. Spray-tan is the finishing touch of your physique.

How will a competition spray-tan take place?

A group of trained airbrush tanners will spray the tanning on your body with a professionally developed airbrush system. An electric motor will produce a high volume of air (CFM) against a very little amount of pressure (PSI). The tan fluid will be atomized on the skin with a special spray-tanning machine. That way you’ll get a smooth and brown skin! A treatment will take 10 minutes at most. Pro-Tan is a really dark competition tanning, so that will be all you need!


How can I prepare properly for a spray-tan?

* Scrubbing: Use a scrub (Free of oil) before the treatment, preferably the day before. Shaving and waxing must be done at least 8 hours before the treatment (else your skin will be too sensitive)

* You can also get exfoliating tissues, Pre Tan Wipes, especially for this treatment. Using these will have the same effect as scrubbing.

* Make-up/Perfume: make sure you remove all of your make-up before the spray-tan will be sprayed on your skin. It’s better to not use body lotion, crèmes, perfume and deodorant on the day of the treatment.

* Clothing: wear comfortable, wide and dark coloured clothes and dark coloured underwear on the day of the treatment.

* Washing: don’t wash your body both before and after the tanning with a product that contains oil or crème.

How long will the tanning be visible?

You’re able to keep the brown colour, if you take proper care of it, using a moisturising crème. Use a mild soap or shower gel in the shower. Dry off with a towel carfully, don’t rub it over your skin.

Follow these directions for the best result: Before using the Pro-Tan tanning:

  • Don’t use body lotion, perfume, deodorant or something else on your skin. This can raise the PH value of your skin, causing the colour of the tanning to change.
  • Your skin must be dry and clean.
  • Shave your body the day before. You might get stripes on your body if you shave on the day of the treatment.
  • If you would like to wax your body, do this at least 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Start scrubbing a week in advance with a scrub that’s free of oil. (also on your back)
  • Take 15 minutes after the tanning to make sure it will dry properly. Wear wide clothes after that.

Where can i order the spray-tan ticket?

Buy the tickets via the spray-tan company

This is a link to their website: www.spray-tan.nl/enercup/

What are the costs?

Costs: € 50,-

It consists of tanning and a touch-up during the competition.


Any other questions?

Send us an E-mail: info@enercup.eu


Voorbeelden van verboden tanning zijn: Panata en Dream Tann