Contact people during the competition?


Bianca (Bibi) Sieberichs

Christa Sieberichs

Main coordinators

These people will lead and support every group of volunteers. Each group has an own coordinator. They will know all the ins and outs of the competition and will be the contact persons during the competition for coaches and athletes

Josine Bolenius, organisator assistent

Anco van den Hoek, stage coordinator

Angela Ottens, coordinator entree

Franklin Kooi, backstage coordinator

Kevin, backstage coordinator

Jeroen, backstage coordinator

Liona Bergmann, NPC Nederland

Immanuel & crew, Spray Tan

Dj Sa-Heat

Backstage & stage coördinators:

They will call out all the classes and athletes to get ready in their line-up at the wings of the stage.

They will make sure that all the athletes are lined-up in the right order. This does not mean that they are responsibly for wether you are in the right line-up at the right time.

They simply let you know (repeatedly) when it’s your turn.

They will know the exact program of the competition.

As athlete, you should just follow the instructions of the coordinators to make sure you’ll be in time and won’t miss your turn.

The program can always run in on time, so don’t think you have all the time. It’s better to not go outside for example, because it has happened before that athletes missed their turn and didn’t get to go on stage.

You are responsible, as an athlete, that you are ready to go on stage in time!

Speaker: Tom Wesselink

Ringspeaker boxing and the Enercup
(International) Professional Conflict Beheersing
IBT Trainer

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