Terms and conditions Enercup participants

Article 1. Definitions

These terms and conditions are affecting:

1.1 Competition: fitness- and bodybuilding competition “Enercup” organised by foundation Enercup.

1.2 Organisation: Enercup Foundation in Assen with which participants have an arrangement.

1.3 Participant: The natural person that signed up for the competition and has been accepted by the organisation.

1.4 Agreement: The agreement between Organisation and Participant for participation in the competition. These terms & conditions are inseparably a part of this agreement.


Article 2. Participation

2.1 Participation is only possible if:

  • The registration form has been filled in and send to the organisation.
  • The registration fee must be paid at least two weeks before the competition.
  • The speaker form must be filled in completely and truthfully and send to the organisation.
  • The participant agreed to the terms and conditions.

2.2 Participant is only allowed to compete if the natural person is at least 16 years old on the day of the competition.

2.3 Registration for the competition must be done through the registration form that’s on the website of Enercup.

2.4 Registration fee will not be refunded in any way.

2.5 Participant is not allowed to hand over his/her rights from the terms and conditions to a third party.

2.6 Organisation is allowed to cancel the competition in exceptional situations. Such a decision does not grant rights to a refund of the registration fee or any other costs regarding Enercup.


Article 3. Responsibility

3.1 Participation is completely at own risk of participant.

3.2 Organisation is not responsible for any damage that Participant may suffer from as a consequence of participating. This exclusion of responsibility also applies to serious injuries (whether lasting or not) or death.

3.3 Organisation is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to belongings.

3.4 Participant must be sufficiently insured against the risk of damage he/she or an heir might suffer from due to injuries, disease or death as a consequence of participation.

3.5 By agreeing to the terms and conditions, Participant states to be known with the fact that participating in Enercup requires a good health both physically and mentally and to be meeting the requirements.

3.6 Participant indemnifies the organisation of responsibility of damage a third party might suffer from as a consequence of a participant’s act or neglect regarding Enercup. Participant must be sufficiently insured against the risk of responsibility for this damage.

3.7 Participant indemnifies the organisation for responsibility for damage a third party may suffer from as a consequence of a participant’s act of neglect, during the participation in the competition, unless this damage can be blamed on the organisation as actual guilt or intention.

Article 4. Portrait right

4.1 Participant grants permission to the organisation in advance, to publication of any pictures or video material and such regarding Enercup, in which the participant is visible.

Article 5. Personal data

5.1 Personal data given to the organisation by the participant, will be saved to a file. By accepting these terms and conditions the participant grants permission to the organisation to use this personal data for sending purposes to third parties. It is at all times allowed for the participant to make an objection (written) against the forwarding of this personal data, after which the organisation will stop sending the personal data to any third party. By participating, the participant grants permission to the organisation for publication of participant’s name and competition results, for example on the internet or on Facebook.

Article 6: Regulations
6.1 The rules of both NPC and Enercup are applied to participation. Organisation assumes that the participant is familiar with these rules and will live up to these rules.



Article 7: Rules of conduct

7.1 Entering the terrain of the competition location is completely at own risk for the participant. Participant is considered to follow up every instruction given by the organisation.

7.2 Backstage toegang wordt alleen verkregen met een gepersonaliseerd bandje /pasje die Deelnemer krijgt bij de registratie door de Organisatie. Zonder dit wordt de toegang voor het backstage gedeelte Deelnemer ontzegd door de security. De persoonlijke passen/ bandjes zijn niet overdraagbaar. Evenzo geldt deze regel voor de coach(es) van Deelnemer.

7.3 To be able to maintain the security, the following items are not allowed in the premises or the area of the competition: drugs, glass items, tin items, aerosol cans and other dangerous items. It is not allowed to block the hallways or to obstruct the safety in any other way.

7.4 To maintain a good atmosphere, we have put up the following rules for every participant to live up to:

  • All participants must respect each other. Participants must treat each other in a way he or she would like to be treated themselves, whatever sex, faith, build or performance.
  • Unwanted intimacies and (non) verbal aggression will not be tolerated by the organisation.
  • It is not allowed to comment hurtful or discriminating things in any way.
  • Participants who act aggressively or bother people in any other way, will be removed from the premises by security if they continue being annoying or offensive.
  • If people do not respect the rules of conduct or cannot live up to these rules, can be refused from entrance without a refund of any costs. This might also cause denial to any other events in the future.
  • In case of criminal acts, the organisation will report this to the police.

7.5 As a consequence of the national smoking regulations, it is not allowed to smoke in public occasions. Smoking is only allowed in the premises in the indicated areas. Alcohol will be served during the competition. Only people of 18 years or older are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Over usage of alcohol will not be tolerated. Misbehaviour or alcohol abuse will cause denial of access, security will ensure this. Use of alcohol backstage is allowed – to a limited extent – but only if it is used by a participant to prepare for the competition. If the participant has gotten a warning from the organisation about Behavioural problems he or she will be removed from the premises and disqualified for the competition if the participant continues.

7.6 Alcohol, drugs and anabolic steroids are forbidden. Both use and trade of these means by participant or any other person are forbidden. Any suspicion will cause denial of entrance directly without a refund of any cost.

7.7 In case of medical issues with the participant, his or her coach has to contact the organisation. The organisation will take the participant to a nurse, who will take over. In case of a situation that requires an acute act, every means necessary are available, including an ambulance. The costs of the use of an ambulance will be recovered on the insurance of the participant.

7.8 Lockers are not available for participants or coaches, these are property of the theatre.

7.9 The tanning used by the participant may not give off.  Participant can use the present spray tan. If the participant brings own tanning, it will not be allowed to use Panata, Dream-Tan or any other tanning that gives off. Use of these brands can cause disqualification.

Article 8: Changes in the terms and conditions

8.1 Organisation is entitled to make changes in the terms and conditions.