Competition guidance

We offer:

  • Diet guidance
  • Weight gain
  • Competition coaching
  • Off-season guidance
  • Posing classes (individually or in groups)
  • Assistance with making a personal posing routine

Our coaches

Bianca Sieberichs has won a lot of titles in the Lady’s Bodybuilding class. An athlete described with the words: perfection, symmetrical, ripped with lines even in the butt cheeks and a mind-blowing back.

She started her first competition in The Tamboer in Hoogeveen in December 2003. She directly won the, back then still existing, women’s overall title.

Bianca also won first place in 2004 at the Eemsmondcup. After that she won the Dutch championships and became the champion of the Netherlands.

In June of the same year Bianca went international. From then on she kept representing the Netherlands on several European and World championships.

After a few years she thought she was done competing… But after a guest performance with Eddie Wilson at the Dutch championships in 2012, where they rocked the stage as a duo.

After this guest performance Bianca decided to keep competing for another year.

At the Loaded Cup 2014 in Denmark she presented a perfect physique, but got placed from first to second place after using a forbidden pose. A disappointing result…

At the Dutch championships 2014 Bianca became the Dutch champion again. That same season she tried to compete at the Arnold Classis but didn’t get through the qualification.

Because of physical problems Bianca might never be able to compete again.

Christa Sieberichs

Christa has also won a few titlets of her own.

She’s been competing for years as well now.

Enercup 2013 was her last competition. She won the first place in the bodybuilding class.

Nowadays she’s gotten several certificates for all sorts of sport and nutrition related courses.

Christa and Bianca together make a great team to help athletes prepare to go on stage perfectly.

This is a video of Christa a day after winning Enercup 2013:

movie Christa Sieberichs

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