Frequently asked questions

Question: Is it possible to plan Enercup on the Saturday instead of Sunday? 2013 also took place on a Saturday.

Answer: No, Sunday is the competition day. Most people prefer the Sunday. Too much people have other activities or have to work on the Saturday.

Question: I’ve heard that the weighing will be on the Saturday again this year, is this correct?

Answer: Yes
We, as organisation, have summed the pros and cons and decided to have the weighing a day before the competition again. Athletes are priority and should be stress-free on their competition day. We’re able to prevent stress by taking away the weighing that can take up to 4 hours before the competition. It has been done this way internationally for years now. It’s better for your physique. For the athletes that complete in a weight class it’s better to weigh the day before so they can load up in a relaxed way all day on the match day. We’re all athletes in the organisation of Enercup, so we know what is best for your physique. Just arrive at the competition in the morning, tan, relax and prepare. No weighing sunday, no stress.

Question: is two days of Enercup an option as well?

Answer: We think that two competition days is too long for a beginner’s contest. So, this is not an option.

Question: Is the exact date already known for Enercup?

Answer: Yes

Question: What are the things I must do for the registration?

Answer: Sign up for the competition, do your payments and fill in the speaker form. The payments have to be done at least 14 days before the competition. It must be on the receiving accounts by that time.
Coachtickets must be paid at the weighing in cash. Order these through the e-mail address:


Question: When can we order tickets for Enercup? I do not want to be too late again.

Answer: The ticket sale starts at January 1st
You can order them online

Question: If the tickets are completely sold out, it will still be possible to buy them at the doors at the theatre, right?

Answer: Yes

Question: Could we also order a group ticket?

Answer: No

Question: What are the first-class tickets like?

Answer: You’ll get a seat in one of the first rows of the theatre. Directly behind the sponsors.

Question: How do I know which seat is mine?

Answer: You order a ticket through a ticketservice. You scan it and e-mail it to Give us the names of the tickets owners and we give you your seat numbers. Your seat will be reserved and your name will be on the seat in the theatre. Your ticket is necessary for entrance, you have to hand it in at the front desk so we can scan it. Without ticket, no entrance!

Question: Do athletes have to buy tickets as well?

Answer: No, athletes only pay registration fee.

Question: Do coaches have to buy a ticket?

Answer: No, they need to buy a coachticket through the e-mail. These tickets/ribbons must pay up at the weighing and have to be paid in cash.

Question: The coachticket I’ve bought is not on my coach’s name. Is this correct?

Answer: Yes, you’ll get a ribbon on the day of the weighing. This is for whoever’s going to be your coach at the competition.

Question: What if I lost my coach ribbon?

Answer: If you might lose your coach ribbon, you’re going to have to buy a second coach ticket of €50,-. This is to prevent fraud or resale with the first coachticket, this has happened before.

Question: All the athletes had to be at the weighing at the same time last year, even though I had to wait for a long time. Will this be the same this year?

Answer: No, you can go from 14.00 till 18.00 to visit the registration in the theater The Tamboer Hoogeveen(Drenthe).

Question: What do I have to wear to the weighing?

Answer: Wear your posing clothes.

Question: What do I have to bring to the weighing?

Answer: read menu registration and weigh inn

Question: When and where can I sign up for Enercup?
Answer: Directly, on our website:

Question: Will a DVD be made off the competition this year again?

Answer: No

Question: Will there be a television program?

Answer: No

Question: I’ve lost something last year, how to prevent that this year?

Answer: Don’t bring any valuables. If you do bring something valuable ask your coach to keep an eye on it. We, as organisation, are not able to keep an eye on theft.

Question: Will bungalow park Westerbergen be available this year as well?
Answer: Yes, the park will be available. Make sure to book your bungalow in time. Last years everything was fully booked.

Question: How can I order a DVD from last years?
Answer: If you’d like to order a DVD from last years, send an e-mail to Robert van Alphen:
Costs: € 19,99