Weighing and registration Saturday before the competition


Location:       Theater De Tamboer Hoogeveen (Drenthe – Netherlands)

Room:            Large auditorium and the main stage

Time:             Between 14.00 and 18.00

You can get and pay for your coach ribbon, athlete ribbon and athlete T-shirt at the table of the organisation. And the tanning ticket has to be paid as well. All cash money. There is no ATM at the weigh inn.

Who:             Athletes & coaches (not mandatory to bring your coach, not allowed to bring other people to the weighing!)

Adress: Hoofdstraat 17, 7902 EA Hoogeveen


If Saturday is a problem to come, mail to info@enercup.eu and then we will find a suitable solution together with you. We do not want you to be unable to do your competition because you can not register on Saturday. We come out together.


Why will the weighing take place on the saturday?

We, as organisation, have summed the pros and cons and decided to have the weighing a day before the competition again. Athletes should be stress-free on their competition day. We’re able to prevent stress by taking away the weighing that can take up to 4 hours before the competition. It has been done this way internationally for years now. It’s better for your physique. For the athletes that complete in a weight class it’s better to weigh the day before so they can load up in a relaxed way all day on the match day. We’re all athletes in the organisation of Enercup, so we know what is best for your physique. Just arrive at the competition in the morning, tan, relax and prepare. No weighing, no stress. This might mean for some athletes that they have to come to the north a day early. But this could exactly be more fun, since you’re able to stay at the bungalow park all weekend with all the other athletes. The costs are so low that really anyone is able to stay the weekend in one of the bungalows. We didn’t add any costs to the rent of the bungalows to keep the costs as low as possible for you. We think all the athletes should be able to stay the weekend with friends, family, coaches or their teams.

What will happen at the registration?

– You’ll be weighted

– You’ll be measured

– Your class will be checked

– Your posing clothes

– Pick up and pay for your athlete T-shirt

If you might lose your coach ribbon, you’re going to have to buy a second coach ticket of €50,-. This is to prevent fraud or resale with the first coachticket, this has happened before.


Bring to the weighing:

  • Your coach if possible (no other people)
  • Posing shoes
  • Posing clothes: slip, bikini. WEAR THESE UNDER YOUR CLOTHES.
  • Tanning ticket
  • Cash money