See below email address

To send your music please follow the instructions below to make it as smooth as possible.

The music tracks only in mp3 (320kbs / 192kbs) format or in WAV format with moment of desired start in min / sec. Preferably from an original CD or Spotify / Itunes / Beatport.

No You Tube Rips. These are of poor quality. Mp4 (video) files are not accepted because they can not be played.

Ready to play! This means that you have edited your music in such a way that it starts at the right time and is of good quality. (Again in mp3 (320kbs / 192kbs) format or in WAV format

If something is unclear, you will be contacted.

If you join multiple classes, for example 2 (eg junior class and regular class or dup), please fill in and submit each class. 2 classes = 2 x fill in and send.

Please submit by 16 September and complete the form as completely as possible! 

Maximum duration of music routines:
Bodybuilding (Men Body): 1 minutes

Miss Figure: 1 minute         Miss Physique/Body: 1 minute
Fitness class: 1,5 minute        Mixed pairs: 1,5 minute

You only need to make the music ready to play. You can continue the length as long as possible!


What tanning?

If you use tanning that delivers you will be disqualified. (example: Dream Tann, Panata etc)

Jan-Tana and Pro-Tann competition tanning are allowed.

Tanning present at the competition (at the Spray-Tann cabins) also uses allowed (international) tanning contest